Common Questions about Anxius™

Q: What Exactly Is Anxius™?

A: Anxius™ is the worlds first all natural herbal formula to help people who suffer from anti-depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. Guaranteed to improve your health and your life.

Q: How Many Capsules Should I Take?

A: The dosage is written on the bottle itself. Take 1 capsule 3 times daily with your meal. You can up the dosage, but do not surpass 6 capsules a day.

Q: Will There Be Any Side Effects?

A: No. This is the basis behind this incredible anti-depression Supplement. Anxius capsules are a non-prescription formula that is 100% safe.

Q: How long must someone take a natural anti-depressant such as Anxius™?

A: It Depends on the disorder. Some depression or anxiety cases may need to take anti-depression supplements for only several months and then never have to take it again. But other cases may be required to take anti-depression supplements indefinitely or, perhaps, intermittently.

Q: Do I need to have all the symptoms listed on this site to have Depression?

A: No, You do not need to suffer from all the symptoms to be diagnosed with depression, but you need to have at least some of them. Remember, depression can vary in intensity and in the manner in which it affects each individual.

Q: What is in Anxius™?

A: Anxius™ is a 100% safe, proprietary selection of special herbs renowned and proven to help people who suffer from depression and/or anxiety and blended together in a powerfully effective combination. These special herbs have been gathered from around the globe.

Q: Why Is Anxius™ In Capsule Form? Why Can't I Take It As A Liquid?

A: Because it is important that you take the correct amount, which is best accomplished by swallowing a pre-measured capsule. With liquids, which require a dropper, teaspoon or cup, it is possible for you to take the wrong dosage. Also, capsules are much easier to digest than tablets.

Q: How Does It Compare With other anti-depression drugs?

A: This is all natural. It's a herbal formula. No side effects. Works just as good if not better than any other drug. And you get the added benefits of having the herbs nourish other parts of your body too.

Q: What are the signs of depression?

A: The depressed person will seem sad, or "down," or may show a lack of interest in his/her surroundings. He/She may have trouble eating and lose weight (although some people eat more and gain weight when depressed). He/She may sleep too much or too little, have difficulty going to sleep, sleep restlessly, or awaken very early in the morning. He/She may speak of feeling guilty, worthless, or hopeless. He/She may complain that his thinking is slowed down. He/She may lack energy, feeling "everything's too much," or he might be agitated and jumpy. A person who is depressed may cry. He/She may think and talk about killing himself and may even make a suicide attempt.

Q: What If I Don't Order?

A: Naturally speaking, things don't change unless you change something. You can't expect something NEW unless you try something NEW. That's the way of things.

Q: What Type Of Guarantee Do I Get?

A: Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We built our business by offering excellent products to happy customers who order from us again and again. Customers who feel free to refer their friends to us. If you don't see a substantially positive change in your life and your depression or anxiety don’t subside, then return it for a refund, no questions asked. Read our Privacy/Guarantee page.

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