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"Anxius has helped me control my anxiety without any loss of energy and without making me feel drugged up. It works just faster than the handful of pharmaceutical drugs Iíve tried, and is much more effective. I feel calm and in control, and not sedated (believe me, there is a big difference). This has also helped me boost my energy levels as I, and I can smile again. Thanks a million to the Anxius crew. I know that anxiety and depression can be a long term thing, but it no longer bothers me as much knowing that I can use Anxius without threat of side effects."

T. DeLarocca. , New York


"Nothing short than a miracle!!! My husband just about forced me to change my depression formula from the pharmaceutical grade Paxil to your Anxius herbal formula. Paxil did help me somewhat, but the side effects soon became worse than the results. I suffered from hot surges running through my body, my panic attacks worsened, I constantly had severe dizziness and episodes of feeling foggy and drugged out. Add nausea and loss of sex drive to the equation and the clincher, I soon began to suffer from severe manic/depressive episodes due to Paxil.

Iíve never tried using herbal supplements, but I had nothing to loose at this point. Paul (my husband) searched all over the web for the best herbal antidepressant and came across your site. So we decided to give it a try, and I cannot tell you how thankful we are. I waited over 4 months before writing this letter of thanks to be sure that there would not be any hidden side-effects to taking Anxius.

Iím a new woman now. Not only am I completely in control of my depression and anxiety problem, but I donít suffer from any of the side effects like I did when I was on Paxil, and Prozac before then. Itís like a whole new beginning, as though I was released from prison. Canít than you enough for your great product. Iíve recommended it to a few of my girlfriends who also suffer from depression, and my boss at work, who suffers from anxiety and bouts of depression."

Debby M. and Paul M.
San Francisco, California

"Never tried anything else to be honest. Felt a little funny about going to the doctorís about my bouts with depression, so I decided to fix the problem myself. Heard too many horror stories about getting addicted to drugs that are full of side effects etcÖ Anyway, found this site easy enough, and it had much more info than all the others, so I gave it a try.

This was about 6 months ago, and havenít had any problems since. Looks like I wonít be going to the doctorís after all. Iíll bet my next paycheck that whatever it is that they prescribe me wonít come close to helping me as much as Anxius has. And guess what folks, no side-effects or addictions. Message to all everyone who is thinking of going the herbal route: Try this before even thinking about using drugs to treat depression. Thanks again."

Paul Gastaudo, Quebec

"First off, I wanted to thank you for your companies amazing service. Very helpful in answering my emails on specific questions I had asked. But most importantly, thank you for making such a great product. Anxius works. Been on it for only 1 month now and WOW, what a difference. Iím a lot more active now, and have rekindled some friendships that I simply let slip away as I was never in the mood or up to do anything.

Only problem now is, Iím spending lots more money now that Iím always out having a good time. But I guess you gotta take the good with the bad ;-). Thanks again, and I will keep you posted in the future."

Dan S., Austin, Texas

Research suggests that recognition and treatment of co-occurring depression will improve the outcome of medical conditions, enhance your quality of life, and reduce the degree of pain and disability experienced by depression and/or anxiety sufferers.

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