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Client Testimonials
Here's what our Extremely Satisfied Customers are saying about AnxiusT

"Nothing short than a miracle!!!

My husband just about forced me to change my depression formula from the pharmaceutical grade Paxil to your Anxius herbal formula. Paxil did help me somewhat, but the side effects soon became worse than the results. I suffered from hot surges running through my body, my panic attacks worsened, I constantly had severe dizziness and episodes of feeling foggy and drugged out. Add nausea and loss of sex drive to the equation, I then searched high and low for an alternative.

I’ve never tried using herbal or natural supplements, but I had nothing to loose at this point. Paul (my husband) searched all over the web for a natural antidepressant that would not have side effects, yet still work, and came across your site. So we decided to give it a try, and I cannot tell you how thankful we are. I waited over 4 months before writing this letter of thanks to be sure that there would not be any hidden side-effects to taking Anxius.

I’m a new woman now. Not only am I completely in control of my depression and anxiety problem, but I don’t suffer from any of the side effects like I did when I was on Paxil. Can’t thank you enough. I’ve recommended it to a few of my girlfriends who also suffer from depression, and my boss at work, who suffers from anxiety."

Debby M. and Paul M.
San Francisco, California

“The results came fast. The second day into taking 3 capsules of Anxius a day, and I already notice a huge positive change in my mood and life in general. It’s as though I’ve been given the steering wheel again and I’m in control of my life once more. Truly a great product. Thanks to the Anxius team!”

Paul Seaborne
Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia

"First off, I wanted to thank you for your companies amazing service. Very helpful in answering my emails on specific questions I had asked. But most importantly, thank you for the great results. Anxius works. Been on it for only 1 month now and WOW, what a difference. I’m a lot more active now, and have rekindled some friendships that I simply let slip away due to feeling depressed and overwhelmed. Thanks again, and I will keep you posted in the future."

Dan S.
Austin, Texas

"I’ve been taking Anxius for over 8 months now. Anxius has helped me control my anxiety without any loss of energy and without making me feel drugged up. I’ve been on a number of prescription drugs for my anxiety, and let me tell you, Anxius works faster, is much more effective, and doesn’t dull my mind. I feel calm and in control, and not sedated (believe me, there is a big difference). Thanks a million to the Anxius crew. I know that anxiety and depression can be a long term thing, but it no longer bothers me as much knowing that I can use Anxius without threat of side effects."

Trish D.
Hamilton, New York

“Anxius has helped our daughter out enormously. Last year, at 14 years of age, she was forced to miss out on an entire year of school due to her severe depression, side effects with her prescription antidepressants, and constant thoughts of suicide. We’ve struggled with her to keep her motivated and active, but it always seemed like a loosing battle. We then found the anxius website, and after reading through the site, decided to give it try seeing as nothing else was truly working. There wasn’t much of a noticeable difference till the 3rd week, but after the 3rd week, there was a noticeable increase in motivation in our daughter, and she also become much more active. Over the summer, she joined the swim team at the local pool again. This may not sound like much, but this was huge for those of us who have been with her over the past 2 years. Her mental health continues to get better, and now, she is back in school. With the help of Anxius, our daughter was able to pull a complete 180 and get her life back on track again. What a great product, it has brought happiness to a very worried family.”

The Strumecki Familly
Chestnuthill , Pennsylvania

"Hello, I am a teacher from Spain. I bought your pills by internet 3 months ago. The pills got here 3 days after I ordered, and they worked very fast, in 4 days I am feeling better and happier. I then ordered the special for 4 months because I feel comfortable that this product will help me from now on. Thank you very much for this great product."

Agnese Galo
Cordoba, Spain

"When I switched medications from Prozac to Lexapro, I experienced terrible side effects. After 2 weeks, I simply stopped taking all drugs. I needed something fast, but I did not want to deal with any of the side effects I’ve had to deal with in the past. I saw the Anxius site, read through the information and felt comfortable ordering as the product was guaranteed for 30 days. I received it in 2 days after I ordered and started the program immediately. 2 days, I started feeling a difference. After one week, I was sold, this stuff works, and best of all, no side effects. Can’t tell ya how happy I am these days.

Thanks Anxius!"

Mike Cunningham
Essex Junction, Vermont

"Good day. Upon looking for a natural supplement online, I came across your website. I contacted an Anxius representative by email to ask if they could deliver this product to the UK. They informed me that yes, and that it would arrive by fedex in 2 business days. I was already excited by the information that was on the site. I’ve done a lot of research on depression, and the content on the Anxius website was very accurate and educational. So, I placed an order, and true to their word, I received the order inside 2 business days. As for the results, nothing short of amazing. I’ve been ordering Anxius for the past 6 months and I haven’t suffered from one relapse of depression since taking it. I am a true believer in Anxius. Thank you so much for your great product."

Pauline Schosteck
Staffordshire, England

“You have a great product and fantastic customer support. Thank you for answering my emails and for treating my chronic stress so quickly.”

Jen Greenwood
Black Mountain, North Carolina

"I suffer from moderate to severe depression (it alternates). I started by taking an increased dosage of 4 capsules a day of Anxius for my first month, but have found that 3 was sufficient. Anxius has worked very well for me, and my wife noticed a substantial difference within the second week. I have been fighting depression for 7 years now, and Anxius has been able to put a stop to that and my suicidal thoughts within weeks. Like they said on their website, my brain chemistry was out of balance, and now that I’ve brought my neurotransmitter levels back to a healthy balance with the help of Anxius, the suicidal thoughts and my depression have stopped altogether. I will remain on the Anxius program as I am a prime candidate for relapse, and I feel comfortable doing so as I have felt no side effects whatsoever taking this product.

I can’t thank you enough, God bless you!!!"

Derek Carey
Montreal, Canada

Research suggests that recognition and treatment of co-occurring depression will improve the outcome of medical conditions, enhance your quality of life, and reduce the degree of pain and disability experienced by depression and/or anxiety sufferers.


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